Defensive Pistol Workshop

Cost: $150
Length: 6 hours

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If you plan using a firearm for personal or home defense you need to know how to properly handle that firearm prior to a critical incident. Created with the busy professional in mind, our 6 hour classroom based workshop focuses on teaching you what you need to know properly handle your firearm defensively. So dust off those handguns, join us and learn the skills you need to master in order to properly defend yourself inside and outside of your home.

We will cover:

  • The defensive mindset
  • Inside the criminal mind
  • Gunfight avoidance to awareness
  • Choosing proper concealed carry gear
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Clearing common pistol stoppages
  • Combat marksmanship
  • Shooting to stop a threat
  • Setting up personal and home defense plans
  • A certificate of completion is awarded
  • And more

Students must provide:

  • Proof of completion o a handgun safety course or its equivalent IS HIGNLY RECOMMENDED
  • A quality pistol appropriate for concealed carry / home defense – minimum of 9mm or .38 Special recommended
  • A quality strong side hip holster – form fitted leather or kydex, must cover trigger/trigger guard
  • A quality gun belt, designed to secure the weight of a holster and a firearm
  • Spare magazines or speed loaders with appropriate pouches and at least two spares
  • A concealment garment (shirt, vest, etc.)
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