Everyday Self Defense "Creative Writing" Workshop

Cost: $45
Length: 4 hours

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Prepare today so you're ready tomorrow!

Regardless of your age, size, physical ability, or strength, our street proven defensive techniques will help you defend yourself and your family while giving you a new level of confidence and security!

Philly Firearms Academy in collaboration with BOTMA (Blending of the Martial Arts) is pleased to offer to you the first in a series of classes where you will lean practical, effective and easily executed self defense techniques using common items that can be carried with you anywhere.

You don't have to be a professional martial artist to be able to defend yourself in virtually any situation from one or more opponents irrespective of your size, strength or athletic ability and learn to do so in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Practically anything that you can carry with you at home, work or even where firearms are prohibited can be used to protect yourself and all you need to know are the tips and techniques necessary to have an advantage over your attackers.

Lead Defensive Instructor Mick Thornton is a 30 year, nationally renowned professional martial artist and educator with an extensive and impressive track record of training some of the worlds most elite military, law enforcement and civilian students.

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