Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance Workshop:
Handgun Edition

Learn how to properly inspect, clean, and maintain any handgun.
Cost: $45

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Properly maintained firearms are more reliable, accurate, and safer to shoot...period!

And since every firearm owner’s manual recommends some level of routine maintenance, it's obvious that every gun owner needs to know how to properly inspect, clean and maintain their life saving tools!

Stop wasting money on having others clean your gun for you by learning how to do it the right way. Join us for our Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance Workshop and let us teach you how to PROPERLY and THOROUGHLY inspect and clean ANY handgun in under 10 minutes!

In the event you don't own a handgun, one can be provided for use during the class.

We cover:

  • Pre- and post- cleaning inspection
  • Fundamental cleaning precautions and procedures
  • Choosing the right supplies
  • How often you need to clean your guns
  • Basic firearm disassembly, assembly and function checking
  • The proper process of cleaning and routinely maintaining your firearm
  • Proper firearm lubrication
  • All cleaning supplies for the class are included
  • Space is limited so be sure to register soon

Students should bring:

  • A handgun and related manual (if owned)
  • A handgun cleaning kit (if owned)
  • Handgun cleaning supplies (if owned)

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