Victim prevention Workshop: Business Edition

Avoid your business & employees being targets through awareness, alertness, preparedness techniques and understanding how criminals choose their victims.

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As business owners, we have a responsibility to keep our employees and patrons safe and secure

Too man business owners don't think their businesses will be targeted until they are filing police reports or worse! While unfortunate things sometimes do happen unexpectedly, more often than not, victimhood could have been avoided through simple awareness and alertness techniques and having protection plans in place prior to needing them.

Our Victim Prevention Workshop is specifically designed to address specific needs of business owners by providing the tools, tips and techniques needed to identify and avoid dangerous situations prior to becoming a victims.

A variety of topics are covered:

  • Mental Preparedness: Prepare yourself for any situation that may arise
  • Home Security: Securing what's inside your house, as well as outside your house
  • Residential burglary vs home invasions vs robberies
  • Physical Security: Don't ignore your instincts - if something feels wrong, it probably is!
  • Travel Security: Making sure you are safe no matter where you are
  • Layers of protection: Devices and tools used for personal protection
  • Psychology of Criminals: Understand what makes a criminal a predator
  • Cyber Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Levels of awareness
  • Developing personal safety strategies
  • A certificate of completion is awarded!

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