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Start down the road to being a responsible gun owner the right way.

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Years ago we were in your shoes and it was one of the most frustrating and expensive experiences of our lives.

We can help you avoid those costly mistakes by offering the course that you absolutely, positively need to take BEFORE you ever set foot in a gun shop.

Over the years we’ve coached literally thousands of people through buying their first personal defense firearm, and believe me, we’ve seen it all—Guns that don’t properly fit the hand (making them inaccurate and dangerous), guns that are the wrong type, guns that are the wrong caliber, guns that are just total pieces of junk (that the dealer just wanted to unload on some poor novice shooter).

We want to save you from learning these expensive and dangerous lessons the hard way by offering you our "Gun Owner Workshop".

Topics covered include:

  • The life altering decision of buying your first firearm
  • The importance of proper mindset when owning a firearm
  • Setting up a home defense plan
  • How to avoid accidents via the firearms safety rules
  • Gun owner responsibilities
  • Firearm action types explained
  • The pros and cons of revolvers and semi autos
  • How to choose the best firearm for your needs
  • The importance of proper fit, caliber and action type
  • When you can and can’t you use a firearm
  • How to properly store and secure you firearm
  • Gun store and gun range etiquette
  • Ammunition fundamentals: defensive vs practice
  • Choosing the right gun store and gun range
  • Transporting your firearms legally within the city, state, and the country
  • How to properly interact with law enforcement officers
  • Benefits of having PA License To Carry
  • How to avoid being a victim through awareness
  • Setting up a personal and home defense training plan
  • And more!

You will receive:

  • A certificate of completion is awarded
  • Additional educational and training materials
  • A listing of reputable gun stores guaranteed to treat you with respect
  • The peace of mind that comes along with knowing which firearm is best for you
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

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