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We specialize in producing some of the best and safest shooters in PA by providing them with the knowledge they need prior to ever picking up a firearm and the skills they need to handle and shoot firearms safely and accurately.

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Upcoming courses

LEARN THE DEFENSIVE ART OF THE PEN and develop an "unwritten advantage" over any attacker.

Everyday Self Defense Series "CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP"

Cost: $45

Fri. 11/16 - 6p - 10p

New gun owners start here and learn what you need to know before making a life altering decision.

Gun Owner Workshop

Cost: $150

Thurs. 10/18 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 11/1 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 11/15 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 11/29 - 6p - 10p

Learn how to safely and accurately shoot better than you ever thought possible.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

Cost: $250

Sat. 10/27 - 9a - 5p
Sat. 11/10 - 9a - 5p
Sat. 12/1 - 9a - 5p
Sat. 12/15 - 9a - 5p

How to protect yourself outside your home

Defensive Pistol Workshop

Cost: $150

Date to be announced.

How to protect yourself inside your home

Home Defense Workshop

Cost: $150

Date to be announced.

Extend where you can legally carry

Utah multi-state permit course, Concealed Carry Workshop and Florida permit services

Cost: $200

Sun. 10/21 - 10a - 3p

Concealed carriers need to know this

Concealed Carry Workshop

Cost: $150

Thurs. 10/25 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 11/8 - 6p - 10p

A Groupon exclusive: Learn the basics of what you need to know to obtain your carry permit

Concealed permit application workshop

Cost for 1: $65 from $100
Cost for 2: $129 from $200

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