We specialize in producing some of the best and safest shooters in PA!

And do that by providing them with the knowledge they need prior to ever picking up a firearm, the skills they need to handle and shoot firearms properly, safely, and accurately and the laws that will keep them out of trouble.

If you're interested in starting down the road to safe firearms ownership, follow the steps below to get things started.

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Step 3: Contact us to begin!

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Current course offerings

The best place for new shooters to start

Gun Owner Workshop

Cost: $200

Thurs. 6/28 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 7/12 - 6p - 10p

Learn the guidelines for use of force in PA

Civilian Use of Force Workshop

Cost: $200

Dates to be announced

Learn what you need to know to properly carry a concealed firarm

Concealed Carry Workshop

Cost: $200

Wed. 7/25 & Thurs. 7/26 - 6p - 10p

Learn proper gun handling and shooting fundamentals

NRA Basic Pistol Course

Cost: $250

Sat. 7/21 - 9a - 6p
Sat. 8/18 - 9a - 6p
Sat. 9/15 - 9a - 6p

Learn proper defensive gun handling

Fundamental Defensive Pistol Workshop

Cost: $200

Dates to be announced

Extend where you can legally carry

Utah multi-state permit course, Concealed Carry Workshop and Florida permit services

Cost: $275

Sun. 7/29 - 10a - 3p

A Groupon exclusive: Learn the basics of what you need to know to obtain your carry permit

Concealed permit workshop

Cost for 1: $65 from $100
Cost for 2: $129 from $200

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