If yesterday you wanted nothing to do with firearms and today you want to learn how to safely and responsibly handle, shoot, and legally carry them concealed - you've come to the right place!

Your road to safety defense carry confidence protection accuracy mastery security precision expertise begins here!

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NRA Basic Pistol Phase 2
Cost: $200

Sat: 3/18/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 4/1/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 4/22/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 5/13/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 6/3/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 6/24/17: 10a-4p: Filling
Sat: 7/15/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 8/5/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 8/26/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 9/16/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 10/7/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 10/28/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 11/18/17: 10a-4p:
Sat: 12/9/17: 10a-4p:
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Wed. 3/1/17: 6p-7p at
The Media VFW Post 3460
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Concealed Carry Bootcamp: $179

Wed. 3/8 - 6p-10p
Wed. 3/22 - 6p-10p
Wed. 4/5 - 6p-10p
Wed. 4/19 - 6p-10p
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Since we train all over PA, our hours, like life, are subject to change without notice. Please contact us and make sure we are available when you visit or better yet, just schedule an appointment.

Monday - Saturday: 9a - 5p
Sunday: By appointment
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