Here's a little known secret...

The secret that few gun owners know...

Most ranges and range instructors won’t tell you that you don’t become a safe or accurate shooter by simply by going to a range every week and shooting. As a matter of fact, that usually reinforces bad habits and makes the situation even worse! To be fair, it's really not their fault because they're in the sales business and it's not their job to make you the safest and most accurate shooter possible, that's our job.

Our one to one and small group proprietary "ammo-less training" system allows our students how to train from the safety and convenience of their homes and develop the skills they need without ever having to fire a single shot and once armed with those skills they demonstrate a level of confidence and proficiency that they never thought possible.

We realize that the journey of arming and training yourself can be intimidating and anxiety provoking but with us, getting started is easy, just fill out our training assessment form and we'll contact you with a customized training plan or you can reach out to us directly with questions and concerns.

Don't see the exact course you're interested in or think you "know it already"? Don't worry, all our courses are tailored to the students individual needs and advanced custom courses are available upon request!

Available courses

Firearm safety

Learn how to properly handle, maintain and store your firearms.

concealed carry

Learn how to responsibly and safely carry a firearm in public.

Gun owner

Learn what you need to know before buying a gun.

Self defense Law

Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of the legal system.

Advanced courses

Custom designed to take your skills to the next level.

Marksmanship and more

Turbocharge your accuracy both on and off of the range.

Coming soon!
Virtual Seminars

Firearm safety 101:
Avoiding accidents at home.

Learn what you need to know to avoid life changing mistakes.

Concealed Carry 101:
A toolkit for success

Learn what you need to know before you navigate mean streets.

Home defense 101:
Defending your castle.

Learn what criminals wish you didn't and how to best defend your home.

Crime prevention 101:
How to avoid being a victim

Gain that tools you need to avoid being a statistic in and out of your home.

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