Locked, Loaded and Legal

Is an internet radio show that focuses on firearms safety, training and education so you don’t learn the hard way.

The hosts, an Army Veteran and Firearms Instructor and an Attorney teach listeners how to avoid costly mistakes.

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Upcoming courses

Step 1: Learn what you need to know before making a life altering decision.

Gun Owner Workshop

Cost: $150

Thurs. 3/28/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 4/11/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 4/25/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 5/9/19 - 6p - 10p

Step 2: Learn how to safely and accurately shoot better than you ever thought possible.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

Cost: $250

Date to be announced.

Concealed carriers need to know this

Concealed Carry Workshop

Cost: $150

Thurs. 4/4/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 4/18/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 5/2/19 - 6p - 10p
Thurs. 5/16/19 - 6p - 10p

How to protect yourself outside your home

Defensive Pistol Level 1 Workshop

Cost: $165

Sat. 3/30 - 10a - 6p

How to protect yourself inside your home

Home Defense Workshop

Cost: $150

Date to be announced.

Extend where you can legally carry

Utah multi-state permit course, Concealed Carry Workshop and Florida permit services

Cost: $200

Sun. 3/31/19 - 10a - 2p
Sun. 4/28/19 - 10a - 2p
Sun. 5/19/19 - 10a - 2p

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